The Power of The Story …

“Nothing succeeds like an Entertaining Story Well Told”

FilmArts Entertainment Inc. (FilmArts) is a Start Up “Micro-Budget” Production Company for Film, TV and Digital World Markets.


Drama, Sport (88 minutes)
Directed by Lee Broker & Robert Crossman
Written by Lee Broker

The FilmArts Feature Film entitled “Cornered”  was produced and distributed to Good Reviews and Worldwide Sales.

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John Doyle / The Globe and Mail

“Cornered – though made on a tiny budget – it succeeds. Moody and often beautifully shot … fascinating as an example of low-cost filmmaking”.

EYE Weekly/Torstar

“Authentic in the milieu … well made … Cornered’s high production values are exceptional” .

Jim Slotek / The Toronto Sun

“The acting is good and it is artfully shot and lit".


“A smart film … uses black comedy to a hugely successful extent” .

In Pre-Production

"The Deal" ... Action/Crime Drama with Music, Dance & Dark Humour
Story by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal - Written by Lee Broker

“The script for ‘The Deal’ is an interesting and compelling mix between the genres of drama, crime and action.”

"A nice, gritty/honest piece, nuanced carefully with characters in a neighborhood everyone can identify." 
-Reader Review

In Development…

When It All Falls Down

Feature Film Sports Drama - A Hooper's Best Dream and Worst Nightmare.

Story & Screenplay by
Emmanuel Kabongo

Time To Stand-Up

“Time To Stand-Up” … Feature Film/Stage Play Comedy Drama of a dysfunctional Jewish Family with a Mother & Daughter in the knock down world of Stand-Up Comedy.

Story by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal
Written by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal

Sara’s Song

“Sara’s Song” … Feature Film Drama where Justice Is Blind - Take Revenge.

Story by Lee Broker
Written by Lee Broker & Matthew Segal

All of these FilmArts Entertainment productions have been strategically developed to be produced at controlled micro-budgets.

Through its website, new and innovative creative story ideas which complement the Filmarts brand will be actively sought out and developed in-house by Filmarts as it builds its library of entertainment content.

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